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Bro. Larry Adkisson, my Pastor

Bro. Ronnie Barefield, Pastor

Dr. Joe West, Evangelist

Evangelist Tom Hayes

Pastor Mark Thrift


Bro. Larry Adkisson, former Pastor

January 8, 2007

Dear Pastor,

It is with joy that I can say Dr. Wayne Hudson joins with us in carrying the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We are excited how God changes directions for His servants to further His kingdom.

Metropolitan Baptist Church sends him forth with our blessing in the ministry of an Evangelist. For several years now his heart was directed by our Lord to this ministry. His diligence in the Word of God gives enthusiasm and discernment in his messages. His love of souls burns within him to preach the Gospel with fervor, clarity, and distinction. With his years of experience in the work of a church and as a pastor, he speaks boldly to the needs of a congregation. He loves pastors and desires to be a blessing. His love for missions and missionaries completes a ministry with a world impact as the Great Commission directs. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and his desire to please the Lord makes him a qualified speaker for revivals, missions’ conferences, and special meetings. His genuine love for the Lord and others moves him to preach the truth in warmth and humility.

His companion for many years, Mrs. Susie, stands with him and sets a great example of a wife’s submission to the call of her husband. This speaks of her meekness and sincerity of service.

These are but a few of the reasons that I heartily recommend him to you in the service of our Lord. His full calendar speaks of the blessings in following God’s high calling in this ministry. Use him and he will be a blessing to you and your ministry.

In HIS Service,

Larry Adkisson


Bro. Ronnie Barefield, Pastor


What a joy to have this opportunity to say a word for my good friend Bro.Wayne Hudson. I know his ministry into evangelism is going to be blessed of God in a wonderful way. Bro. Wayne has been involved in evangelism for many years even while serving as a pastor many other pastors were already using him in their churches to preach meetings and conferences.

Having been a pastor for many years Bro. Wayne knows the heart beat of the church and the burden of the pastor. He has a love for sinners and a desire to preach the gospel to them.

Bro. Wayne’s dear wife Mrs. Susie is also at his side and will be an encouragement to not only him but to Pastor’s wives.

Much more could be said of course, but I conclude by saying I highly recommend the life, preaching, and ministry of Bro. Wayne Hudson. I remain…

Yours Always for Christ,

Bro. Ronnie Barefield


Dr. Joe H. West – Evangelist

Dr. Joe H. West, Evangelist

10845 Rosemar Lane, No. 1

Adkins, TX 78101

November 29, 2006

Dear Pastor,

It is both an honor and a privilege to write these words of recommendation regarding my dear brother and fellow laborer, Dr. Wayne Hudson.

Brother Hudson is a giant of a man, both physically and spiritually. He has had several successful pastorates and now, as a God called out evangelist, he is being greatly used of God in churches across the land. As a former pastor he understands the pastor’s heart, his burden, and his desires for his people. He also has a great heart for missions and a burden for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Therefore I believe that he will be a real lasting help and blessing to any pastor and church that uses him.

Sincerely, for Untold Millions,

Brother Joe West


Evangelist Tom Hayes

Evangelist Tom Hayes

P. O. Box 400

Saluda, NC 28773

Dear Friends,

To recommend a friend like Brother Wayne Hudson is an opportunity I treasure. Having known this dear man of God for a good many years, I have become very appreciative of him and his ministry.

In summarizing Brother Wayne’s PERSONAL LIFE, I would say, “He just loves Jesus!” In reference to his PUBLIC LIFE, I would comment, “He really cares for people!” In relationship to his PULPIT LIFE, my words would be, “He is a gifted preacher of the Word!”

His wife, Mrs. Susie, is a dedicated Christian helpmeet and will greatly assist him in each meeting. Here are some folks that will be a blessing to you, your family, and your church.

May the Lord touch many lives through this ministry!

In His Paths,

Tom Hayes


Pastor Mark Thrift

Personal Letter of Reference for Evangelist Wayne Hudson!

My dear Brethren,

It is with great joy that I write this letter of recommendation to you concerning the evangelistic ministry of Brother Wayne Hudson. I’ve labored in the ministry alongside Brother Wayne for 20 years here in the city of Houston, Texas, and I’ve had him in my pulpit on many occasions. I can whole heartedly recommend him as a preacher that will be a blessing and help to your church. As a Pastor I know first hand how you need to careful with your pulpit in these days when so many are changing, believe me, Brother Wayne will pose no danger to the direction you are leading your people. He will deliver Biblically sound messages in the right spirit that will reflect Paul’s challenge to young preachers to “speak the truth in love”. There are three words I think of when I think of Wayne Hudson, first, HUMILITY; he will always come across as a man that realizes that he is “the chief of sinners”. Then, UNMOVABLE, I’ve never seen him deviate from the truth that he believes in. Last of all, COMPASSION, Brother Wayne knows that you can’t preach effectively to anyone without a love for their soul. It is with knowledge of Wayne Hudson that I can say with my whole heart that you could never go wrong by having him if that is what the Lord is leading you to do. I would encourage you to prayerfully consider having him come and be a blessing to you and your people.

Brother Mark Thrift, Pastor

Parkwood Baptist Church

Houston, Texas